What lives in a coral reef?
by Erica Bethke
Invite your students to explore this coral reef inspired by the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. This EDB can easily be used as a free talk class or to support an existing unit about animals and habitats.

In addition to the animals, I have also added a "Questions" section to help you get your students talking if you are new to this sort of activity. You can use my questions or add your own. There is also a Teacher Notes section to minimize any research or prep you will need to do before using this as a stand alone class.

Tips to getting the most out of this file:

*Let your students take the lead! See what they do when you open it up and give them control.

*Go along with any silly or ridiculous stories. Using English to be funny is a good thing and it's really motivating for your students!

* Don't be afraid of a little silence. Allow time for investigation and discovery.

*Show your students how they can resize, rotate, and reproduce the animals to make the scene more interesting. If your students are hesitant, you can do these things for them to create an opportunity to talk about what is happening in the picture.
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