What lives here? Super pack #1 (8 EDB files with 11 different habitats + discussion questions)
by Erica Bethke
After creating my first round of habitats, I am proud to offer this habitat super pack. It includes my very best work with improvements based on real teacher feedback! I have removed the sentence frames, added discussion questions and a world map, and I have included a helpful teacher notes section to minimize your prep time if you decide to use these as a stand-alone class.

In this new and improved format, you could easily use these to teach an entire unit about animals and habitats.

This pack includes:

bamboo forest, arctic + antarctic, tropical island, southwestern USA desert, southeast Asian jungle, African plain + river, coral reef, and North American + South American mountains.

See my other habitats listings for a video walkthrough of all the different habitats.

I hope that you will love it!

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