Interactive Grammar Clothing Sort
by Erica Bethke
Students will quickly learn how to use "this is" and "these are" with this fun and colorful clothing-themed sorting game.

Skills: grammar (demonstrative adjectives), vocabulary practice (clothing, colors), using adjectives, talking about clothing for the weather and seasons.

This activity includes 16 items to sort on page 1 + 26 additional clothing items to sort on page 2.

Teaching Tips: Open the file and allow your student to begin sorting silently if they prefer. Some may confidently begin sorting and talking "this is a shirt...these are shoes..." With silent sorters, let them do their thing. After they have sorted, make any corrections to the groups and then model a sentence or two before asking your student to finish the rest of the sentences.

For students who need more of a challenge, encourage more complex sentences; "This is a green dress, these are red rain boots, this is a blue and red cap with a white star, etc., " I've included clothing for all seasons so you could also talk about what clothing is worn during different seasons and types of weather.
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