Picture Reading Patterns L01B
by Erica Bethke
Parents love watching and hearing their children reading so early in their English learning journey!

Skills: direction of text, phonics, vocabulary building, patterns, color recognition.

Vocabulary: ant, apple, alligator, circle, ball

What's included: a vocabulary preview with the word printed below large pictures, 5 reading puzzles in order of increasing complexity, and a vocabulary review. All parts of this EDB can be moved and rearranged so that you can create additional puzzles.

Teaching hints: Before you begin, teach the vocabulary to be sure that students can recall each word. Don't start the puzzles until students know the words. Encourage students to join you in doing hand and body motions (TPR) to support this.

I like to allow students to explore the first puzzle to see if they can pick up the idea that they are creating a pattern. If they need help, I draw lines under the pictures and cup my ear with a hand to encourage them to begin saying the names of the pictures. Then I might read the pattern with some rhythm. They almost always get it by then!

Let your students take the lead and have FUN!
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