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Are you an experienced ClassIn user who can make amazing EDB files? We have great news for you! You can now link your EDB files to and start sharing your unique vision and creativity while also earning some extra money. Just create your profile on Gumroad, upload your EDB files, paste your Gumroad link in the form below and choose a plan. After all these easy steps your EDB files will become accessible on
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How It Works
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If you want to join GetEdb as a creator simply create a profile on gumroad and upload your EDB files using products tab.
Choose a plan
Choose a plan that perfectly works for you.
Upload your EDBs
We will guide you through the process of uploading and linking EDB files to GetEdb.
Share your unique vision
And also start earning by selling your amazing EDBs to users all over the world.¹
Plans for creators
Set up your products first, pick a plan later.
No payment required
Upload & link up to 4 of your EDBs (2 free + 2 paid) to GetEdb

Email support

Free EDB cover design

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Fixed manual payments once a month.
Upload & link up to 15 of your EDBs to GetEdb

Email support

Free EDB cover design
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Fixed manual payments once a month.
Everything in Pro

+ link up extra 40 EDBs (up to 80 EDBs in total)

Up to 5 packs

3 of your EDBs on Trending

10 EDB promo videos
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I still don't really understand how does it work
It's easier than you think. You can upload your EDB files to and sell them using an account from Gumroad where you can connect your PayPal account. When somebody purchases your EDB files on you'll receive payments directly to your PayPal account. You can also add extra payment methods. More information about payment methods you can find on the official Gumroad website.
Why do I have to pay for a plan?
Actually, you don't have to. You can pick a free plan and link up to 4 EDB files (2 free + 2 paid). It will help you to share your unique vision and EDB creating style with other users. But let's do some maths: one day, eventually more and more users will love and download your EDBs and they obviously would like to download more EDBs made by you, but with a free plan you will only have 4 EDBs to offer. With Basic, Pro, and Premium plans you can extend the number of your EDB files on GetEdb, upload paid EDBs and potentially earn money and also get some extra perks from GetEdb that would help you to sell your EDBs.
Are there any additional requirements?
The main requirement is to enjoy making high quality edb files! :) We're excited to see your EDB files!
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