Vocabulary Checkers (Adjectives and Verbs)
by Karen de Jesus
This is a speaking practice while playing vocabulary checkers. Students can practice making sentences using adjectives and verbs.
How to Play:
1.   The first player selects a checker piece and moves it to an unoccupied square on the board.
2.   The player reads the word written on the square aloud and uses it in a sentence.
3.   The turn passes to the second player, who selects a checker piece and follows the same process.
4.   To remove the opponent's checkers from the board, jump them if the checker is diagonal to the opponent's and there is an empty dark space to hop to. Move the piece straight over the opponent's piece and land on the empty dark space.
5.   Players continue taking turns, forming sentences based on the words on the board.
6.   The player who captures all of the opponent's pieces wins.

·        Players can only move diagonally on dark squares.
·        At the start of the game, checkers can only move forward, meaning toward the opposite player’s side. When checkers reach the last row of the opposite side, they become "kings" and are allowed to move both upwards and downwards.